Activity report - May 21

There were 27 males and 19 females referred to ccCHiP clinics in May 2021.

In terms of with whom were they were accomapnied by, see Table 1

One of 43 referrals required an interpreter (Vietnamese)

Case manager_own 6
Case manager_team 3
Family member 4
Friend 1
NGO keyworker 11
Self 8

Attendance frequencies

Fig 2 considers the overall attendance rates for valid referrals.

Due to Covid, 6 patients (13% of confirmed referrals) were cancelled immediately prior to clinic after pre-clinic screening. The nominal rate of being seen was ~73%. Note: in pre-Covid times the mean attendance was about 80%

Three patients arrived and started their sessions, but then departed before completing the assessments".

Attendance by referring clinic

Fig 3 indicates that Canterbury,Croydon, and Redfern equally provided the largest proportion of patients who completed their ccCHiP attendance.

Attendance by ccCHiP clinic

Fig 4 indicates that CRGH accounted for 42% of patients seen (The largest single fraction).

The expected rate would be equal thirds if all three clinics were operational.

Who has referred

Fig 5 indicates that the majority of referrers during May were Specialists (~82%). However the number of direct GP referrals (fig 3) is 3, suggesting that the other 5 (62.5% of GP referrers) are acting as part of a shared-care initiative.

Transport to clinic

Fig 6 indicates that ~73% of patients got to the clinic under their own steam, and 17% relied on health or NGO transport.

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