COVID-19 Information


– July 16, 2021 –

The growing cluster of cases in NSW means that all three ccCHiP clinics will be suspended until at least 30th July 2021. Check back here to see updates. Referrals can still be made and these will be triaged and 'parked' until the clinics open.

In late July 2020 The CollaborativeCentre for Cardiometabolic Health in Psychosis (ccCHiP) was able to recommence clinics at Concord Hospital and the Charles Perkins Centre (Royal Prince Alfred Hospital). In 2021 we were able to restart the community health centre peripetetic clinics.

However to ensure the ongoing safety of patients and staff, we have recommenced at a reduced capacity. It is likely that we will operate at this reduced capacity for some time. Due to the vagaries of the ebbs and flows of the epidemic, we have made (temporary) changes to our referral criteria as follows:

  1. Any person residing within the catchment area of Sydney Local Health District can be referred by their mental health team and/or general practitioner using the ccCHiP eReferral pathway.
  2. The patient must be aged between 18-65 years of age and be receiving treatment for a severe and enduring psychosis or affective disorder.
  3. All referrals will undergo triage by the clinicians as a group (weekly)
  4. Priority will be given to anyone with a known diagnosis of diabetes, an established history of cardiovascular disease or a past ccCHiP appellation of high or very high risk for cardiovascular disease, using the CVD risk algorithms.

Patients without these risk indicators may therefore not be seen by ccCHiP until late 2021/2022.

IMPORTANT! Referrals MUST be by the SLHD eReferral system where possible.

Paper, fax, email referrals will not be accepted, except from GPs who are not registered with our GP-eReferral system. For the latter, see the downloadable gp-referral.pdf link on the right.

Unfortunately, we cannot currently accept referrals for patients residing outside the Sydney Local Health District (SLHD).

We would encourage you to check our website from time to time for further updates regarding our clinic capacity and adjusted referral criteria.

If you have any questions in relation to a referral please contact ccCHiP on 02 9767 6027

All conditions subject to change and negotiation. It's a dynamic post-Covid world y'know.