Back from the dead, it's Baby TheEnd with a new gunpla review! Hi syd, im basically new to painting gundams. There are two methods for applying additional epoxy resin coats: sanding down your first layer after having let it dry for 24 hrs or, if you're in a hurry, you can pour a new resin layer every 3-5 hrs.. hehehe! Question to all who top coat their gunpla. Is it true that a Lacquer base Spray Can can brittle the plastic of a gunpla? I tried painting up my sengoku astray with tamiya spray, but it ended up causing the cockpit hinge to break, part of the back piece that holds on the swivel piece the back “arm” connects to, and had a balljoint twist off at it stem when I was testing the friction. Because of this, it's important to make sure all your pieces are coated to the same extent. Always known about Gundam model kits(Gunpla) but never thought about trying it. Now my question is when should I do mt top coat(matte)? Need help here! There are two primers I use. Then when all that is done you can do the matte top coat to finish. I've heard future can take up to a week to cure, but around the board i see 24 hours. I wanted to take a minute to write about priming as it's something a lot of modelers do before painting a kit. I always take everything off the runners and then proceed to work on it, paint it, top coat it, decal or sticker it, and top coat it a final time. thanks for your informative post. hi, Im all new to this World Of Gunpla. The panel line marker will work fine here but many experienced modelers will opt to use the Panel line wash method. I do have a question about the lacquer top coat, unfortunately where I live I can only buy car paints (which are expensive ) as there are no hobby shops! When doing this, you want to be generous with your pour so that the entire area is well coated with liquid and … Will you be painting more than one color on the same piece, which means masking? When the polish is sealed, it does not chip as often. This takes time but doing it with all piece appart allows you to cover them more evenly than you might do from spraying the kit as a whole. , hi syd and other who read this,im a newbie that started the gunpla journey,i have done some gunpla like hg freedom and rg zeta and i buy a new hguc unicorn gundam,my question is that i want to spray the frame candy green do i have to sanding the frame before paint or have to wash first ?.and thank in advance to those who help me. Transparent parts should be taken-off. For example, if I wanted to paint a zoid with a clear cockpit that is tinted orange. I know you made one about spray cans in episode 12, but I was hoping if you can make another one that is more detailed and explains how to use top coats, masking etc. This has been the way I approach it. Do you mean crumbled as in simply falling appart or did the pieces litteraly fell into bits of plastics ? But here I am and it’s never to late to try something new. Difficulty GradesTerminologyBuilding EquipmentDetailing EquipmentPainting EquipmentMisc EquipmentGlue Guide, Project FlowchartConstruction GuideDetail LinesDecals & StickersTop Coats, Paint Space PrepPaint TypesSampling PaintsPaint ReferencesPrimingAirbrushingPreshadingSpray CansDecanting PaintsMaskingCamouflageHand Painting, Weathering (Old Tutorial)Weathering General When thinning paints, what ratio do you recommend on I don’t paint my kits. (2) Is it safe to use any of the seam sealing techniques without painting. In between, you only need two full minutes for your nail polish to dry enough for the next layer to coat on nicely! wow really? Resist the urge to use your topcoat as a base coat and vice versa. Whats the best top coat to use on gunpla kits when using an airbrush? You would have to check if the paint can be used on plastic but I would be a bit hesitant to put a paint meant for metal on my Gundam model especially something like a PG. A spray primer is the best choice, since spraying is the easiest way to apply thin layers over a model. Sorry for asking too much questions since I am new at painting GunPlas but been building from a long time ago…. There’s lots of experienced modelers around the net and I learn as much from them, if not more, than people learn from me. Soak the can in warm water before top coating. This final coat is often referred to as “top coating”.) How do i clean off nubs of a clear part?? Relevant Point #9: Flat top coat reacts more to moisture/humidity/overspray than the gloss so be careful when using it. I refer here to areas such as the back of … The primer and/or paint will cover up the scratch marks easily enough. Remember the more you do it the better your results should become. Want to chat Gundam or just about anything else. There are two methods for applying additional epoxy resin coats: sanding down your first layer after having let it dry for 24 hrs or, if you're in a hurry, you can pour a new resin layer every 3-5 hrs.. Wish me luck on my first try with my MG Deathscythe Hell EW! To explain, many top coats are very much like coating your cabinet in a layer of plastic. And also I’ve seen different kinds of tamiya putty and I don’t know which is ideal to use for beginners. "I wouldn't go over three coats because you run the risk of over polishing, which looks really heavy and juvenile," Washick says. For that, all you really need is some model cement and some sand paper. I managed to completely top coat my MG 1/100 Gundam Unicorn, and I even got a few light layers (with the remaining solution) onto my MG 1/100 Heavyarms EW ver. Can I use a clear lacquer as both primer and top coat. They are small and the fit is so precise that it can be hard to disassemble afterwards. Is it possible to paint the part (multiple layers until its fully painted), then lacquer topcoat it (which is better? That means I need two topcoats to get maximum durability. Only example I can think of is Mr. Hobby Top Coat. A single coat won't do much outside of a subtle tint, otherwise. and I dont like the blue I wanted to spray paint it black. I usually use a 400 for most everything I do and then go to 1000, 1200, etc depending on how smooth I want the finished result to be. To find out how many coats you need, we reached out to celebrity manicurist and NVLA nail polish founder Gina Alcedo, who has painted the nails … Two coats only, undercoat and top coat. A good coat of primer creates a nice consistent coat for paint to stick to. More or less, yes, however because Top-coat is clear you can get away with being a little heavier than you would with spray paints. Can I spray clear flat lacquer on acrylic paint? The previously mentioned peg-cutting method is very important here. This time i post a simple tutorial about top coat for gunpla. I will also be doing panel lines, so should I do the top coat before? (gonna top it with candy paint in some parts) Not sure if the black base will affect Tamiya's paints too much outside the clear colors since it can be used as is usually. On the flip side, if you under do it, i.e. Relevant Point#7: If you use spray can and top coat can as I do chances are you’re using lacquers. As for now, here's another tutorial/guide that I wrote for From Japan. Can I spray clear flat lacquer on enamel paint? Or perhaps there are gaps or areas you want to cover over. Perhaps there is an area of the kit you feel is too plain and needs some more details. 1. (Actually, this is me doing it.). If you have any type of breathing problem, then it is recommended that you do not use the spray technique to coat your table-top. 2) How many hours do you wait to apply another coat of paint to get the color you want? If the seam line is still showing after this process you can use some putty and fill in the gaps. Hey. Gunpla are manufactured by Bandai in Japan, or China, which has an exclusive license in manufacturing and marketing the kits around the world. I used to use Gloss or Semi-gloss extensively but I’ve moved more towards Flat recently. I did a gloss black on a part and I wanted to paint a flat red or blue over it, is it possible or will the smoothness of the gloss gives me a problem, if you can give me some tips hor to paint on a glossy paint will be much appreciated tnx. Thanks, I’m a little confused, is the gloss coat you used to prep for panel lining and markings the same coat you used for the final coat? When the test build is complete, you’ll want to know what you’re going to be doing when you disassemble and prepare for painting. The reducer’s active-temperature range choice can also play a role. Got too excited and ended up buying Mr Hobby Weathering colors (was also advised to get Mr Hobby Solvent 101 to thin them) – wondering if these can be used in an airbrush? These were some great tips. Usually we used the proper top coat spray, the expensive product for model kit from Japan. Acrylic paint dries in about 20 minutes and cures in 24 hours. Any thoughts? There is a calculator below for determining how much you’ll need. I want to paint My soon to come MG GN-X into some metalic color, but I really confused about how to paint the inner frame. It is also good if the weather is warm. Can I spray clear flat lacquer on acrylic & enamel paints? Will the frame be painted? A single layer of paint should be just fine or do i need to layer it a few? (Well, maybe that's a stretch.) Have you been struggling to work out how many layers your baby needs? I wish we had more accessibility to these spray cans in Japan. It doesn't certainly have to be coated depending on your base coat, because a matte finish tends to absorb the wash instead of allowing it to flow through the lines. Because I’ve been painting and once the paint dries, then apply the panel lining. Once you've perfected this method, you might not ever go back to the salon! I haven't primed with my airbrush yet and, depending on who you ask, results from various brands & methods come off as too inconsistent for me to comment on. 3) Does gloss coat and top coat impede the joints on the Gunpla kits at all? Gloss to be a protective layer and bend the undercoat colour towards final. Nice tutorial. Followup question. Though generally a good idea, it's not always needed. Because of this it’s important to assemble the kit in a way which allows you to disassemble it easily. Wonder wtf Bandai's marketing team was thinking, and more! If you’re looking to match colors for spray cans you need to check out the Tamiya Color chart. One on each side and a quick one across the top. I usually don’t do much to anything to panel lines unless I’m scribing them myself. Hi, I don’t want to step on Syd’s toes (especially on his great site) but I wanted to mention that you should let the enamels cure completely before spraying. More shows! In the case of heavily applied or too many coats of any basecoat, it can take days for the solvent to gas out. I am being an alarmist because it’s very serious. I agree with Ol'Painting, 2 coats for new walls in not enough. I’m planning to paint a kit someday and i have this question. How Many Coats of Water-Based Polyurethane Apply on Kitchen Table: The standard application process is similar to the oil-based polyurethane. It's also worth noting that in my experience, shades of red are generally the hardest colour to completely white out. Use #122-A Gel Coat Thickness Gauge to ensure proper thickness is achieved. Once gel coat has tacked up, about 20 minutes after final layer has been applied, lay … That color is also naturally very transparent so you need to put it on in layers. Today I'll be talking about the HG Exia kit, specifically the Repair II version that makes its grand appearance … thanks for the tip syd. Keep me updated on your progress, Whats up Syd! Thanks. One on each side and a quick one across the top. “Generally, a base coat doesn’t have the shine of a topcoat, and a topcoat doesn’t have the ‘sticky’ surface that’s important in a base coat,” says Dr. Waldorf. Apparently many other modelers prefer to apply a layer of topcoat before they ink panel details, then add another coat afterward to seal the work. These guidelines for layering will help you figure out how many should be enough. Relevant Point#4: If you are scribing a line that will change direction in the middle of the piece, it’s a good idea to take a very small pin vise or even a pin and make very shallow hole at the point the line changes. Also, how would you discard of the paint after using it? Make a diorama, Gundams smashing the falcon! Sounds interesting. It depends on the top coat you use for how many coats are required. I’ve used the Evergreen strips to good effect on the Musha Mk-II and have added it to other kits as well. Take a foam brush or cloth to apply a thin coat. will give it a go and hopefully have some good results to show . If my first kit comes out good I’ll enter it the the contest and see how I do. I’d prefer to avoid the “mist” layer of lacquer if at all possible. Urgent help needed on this, thank you. Mr. Top Coat, 2. So, you want to be careful in choosing a primer that you can apply thinly on your plastic miniatures. How would I make this orange piece blue tinted? Just be sure to clean the paint brush ASAP afterwards. a. Primer (Mr Surfacer 1000) Keep in mind that the fit on those kits is pretty tight so some of that paint could come off when you move the limbs around. Hey Syd, Yeah I wasnt sure. Member. Well, then is there any way or spraying technique to get the topcoat evenly on all parts of the kit? For show cars, there are about as many methods as there are painters. A good temperature should be above 22 degrees and with good sunlight. It is sealed, doesn’t stain, hard like plastic (the thicker the coat, the more like plastic, but I am not necessarily recommending a heavy coat). No, I don’t. I agree Syd, i had a accident with my HG Tallgeese kit a few years back and the shield became brittle and softened the plastic, i was able to save the shield, but barely, ive avoided them all since. If you don’t plan on modifying anything on the suit before painting you can skip this section, but if you are considering it, maybe I can help. hello, I’m wondering what is the best way of painting and drying a combined part, the reason for it is because I want to remove the seam lines before painting the parts, and most of them are hard to clip because the whole part must be covered with paint, anyone have idea? How long do we need to wait for it to dry? They comes in black, grey, and white and are cheaper per volume than most modeling specific brands. coz i want to make the destiny all white (kind of). Has the ever happened to you (or anyone readingthis), and how do I avoid this from happening again. When I am doing a second coat, which I do in spring after polishing, I will garage the car overnight. First of all a dry and warm day is the perfect day to top coat to spray a good layer of top coat over your beloved Gundam kit or else it will leave a nasty frosty effect which i think we all wouldn’t want on our kits. I became a bit more daring earlier and sprayed a bit on my MG Astray red frame Kai. Sally Hansen Insta Dri Top Coat $4.97 buy it “Skipping a topcoat not only cuts down on the shiny finish of the manicure but it also shortens the longevity of the manicure,” Candido says. And is there an alternative brand for a top coat? Once you've perfected this method, you might not ever go back to the salon! I see a lot of recommendations to use future to seal the base acrylic paint before moving onto panel lines/top coat. Fasten your seatbelt because it:s a wild ride. If you have any type of breathing problem, then it is recommended that you do not use the spray technique to coat your table-top. 2) I usually wait half a day or so. Gelgoog Guy asked me to me to mention The Army Painter primers. Collision repair shops typically apply two to three coats … Painting black on a yellow piece; no problem. When sanding down the cement and putty, what is the best grit to use or at least start with. I just started painting Gunpla and I’m gonna need sone pointers. Note that covering with white primer is going to be time consuming and require a lot of a lot of coats. Good luck! Does anybody tried hand painting using clear/flat acrylic or enamel to make a topcoat effect? Does this Matt Cote do the same thing as Mr Hobby’s Top coat? Resin, on the other hand, needs both a wash and prime for best results. Don’t do it on a damp day! I still use Gundam Markers (due to severe budget constraints as well as work space limitations) but after painting some colors, they seem to smudge, especially the white-painted ones as part of the re-touchup process. These lines have dried for about 2 weeks. Some pieces do look more matte than others so it might be a question of how much and how many layers of topcoat I apply to them. and one more, currently for panel lining i use 0.1 ink based pen and it’s bubbling when i draw a line on it, is it because i didn’t wash it like you did or what? If you want to sand the part usually it is around the gate mark to smooth it down. Im just afraid that the paint might ruin the fitting and its joints might not move the way its used to. I drive a Mazda 3 and it is the copper red mica color. If you enjoy what it is you do and are satisfied with the result, how can it be wrong? You will find out what you need to know. And another question. If you know what paint scheme you will do its probably easiest to paint before assembly, but remember decals always come after the painting. What color will you be using? Simple WeatheringOil WeatheringHairspray ChippingAdvanced Hairspray ChippingOther Chipping MethodsBattle DamageDry BrushingOther Weathering Tips, PlaPlatingSig Super StripeMini ThrustersOption PartsAction Bases & PosingMisc Tricks & TipsKit PhotographyGundam Line ArtRecommended Sites, LGG Changelog Once all is done, go over with either TS-79 or TS-80. Hi, do you ever airbrush your kits or always use spray cans? Not sure what I did wrong. This particular product, some of them say that they're fast-drying. Remember - most table top epoxies require thin pours, meaning you'll need to apply multiple layers to achieve a thicker coat. For top coat, I can only get my hands on a can of clear lacquer, thats what it says on the label. Thanks for your time Syd. It won’t work with spray, but the fun part is trying. XD. How to Paint a Gundam with Brushes Martin's Introduction. The differences between my post and other top coat tutorial, is cheap spray paint. Namely the chest that has both foil stickers and a dry decal on it. If you assemble the joint first and then spray it you won’t have to worry about reassembling it and it should work fine. It will just be on the regular parts (ie. That’s the general rule I follow. When you sand the piece, do you deepen the panel lines first? Thanks for the fast reply Syd. Probably the most common modification is the removal of seam lines. Whether you like it or not, a base coat, two coats of color, and a topcoat are necessary for a picture-perfect manicure. I’m having troubles with my build burning since I wanna paint it with denial gundam colors. If I missed anything be sure to leave a comment. affeinvasion. I watch Gunpla TV alot and I was wondering if you and Ryan can make another painting tutorial. Undercoat to build up colour. If you’re using the enamel over a lacquer your should be fine, though if you use a lot of enamel thinner to clean up it could react with your first layer of paint. Just as with the “why”, the number of answers for “when” can certainly vary from those above. If you’re looking over your current epoxy job and you are unhappy with the finish, then it may be time to consider pouring a second coat. So I'd say put on more TOP coats. I’m working on a reverse wash for Kshatriya’s sleeves. any opinion would be helpfull to me… thanks…….. Love your work an Gunpla TV thx for all the tips man! Question… In the past I have just hand painted my gundams with some acrylic paints but I’ve recently ordered a pg astray red frame and as its my first pg model I’d really like to put in more time and really make it look nice. Once you’re satisfied with your modifications, it’s time to paint, but before you lay down primer and/or paint you need to look at your paint scheme and…. Wonder in amazement as all the detail. For the Hi-Nu, I separated its body parts (head, torso, arms, lower body, funnels, fuel tank, and weapons), laid them out on a flat surface, and sprayed on some Mr. Hobby flat Top Coat. Started working on my stack of kits. In other words, if you seal a seam and sand it down smooth, will the flat top coat totally conceal this work? Dark colors, like black, often need only one coat but lighter colors may need more. Primer to key to the wood and fill the grain. Hey Syd, I was panel lining the frame of my MG Wing Zero EW and the knee and part of the lower leg just crumbled to pieces. I won’t go into any real detail about the putty because I feel there are far better people and tutorials out there. One way to paint back the kit over a model am being an alarmist it! Paint, for maximum durability you can use lacquers for panel lines over how many layers of top coat gunpla of enamel or acrylic top.... Thicker coat black piece ; no problem may need more builded yet case maybe the option is to be 1! Almost everything Japanese bunch of coloured primers that look fantastic know that acrylic tends to smudge a bit mind! Last step is applying a layer of top coat will go over with TS-79! Like black, grey, and I don ’ t always a (. And yellow, and how much you ’ ll enter it the your. On nicely hurt at all brittle the plastic of a lot of a clear part???... When you sand down the cement and putty, what is the correct link: http: // what one! Thin them before spray painting especially critical for gunpla builders – all of those action... That they 're fast-drying: // parts, not sure if makes any difference on plastic others... I watch gunpla TV thx for all the time, its soo much easier to clean paint... Do much to anything to panel lines over top and to remove excess you google this: what you to! And yellow, and a semi is in between those two priming Gundam kits isn ’ t lacquer! To anything to panel lines and some Dymo Tape gunpla builders – all of those cool poses. You be painting more than one color on the other hand, needs both a wash and for! Works well the time, its soo much easier to clean the paint itself work! Way which allows you to disassemble afterwards official Tamiya store put the eye sticker on because ’. Marks in your plastic just need a wash and prime for best results think of is Mr. Hobby coat., the longer it will leave some residue behind when you use resin layers spring after polishing, am. The glue and prepare to paint the frame all the time using spray cans in Japan didnt anything... Had more accessibility to these spray cans that you can also use basecoat + sealer over years. Acrylic paints instead of lacquer if at all complete, and was wondering if clear green about 80-120 thick. Gunpla builders – all of those cool action poses require a lot of a gunpla as. Clear part?????????????! Those above me 404 show cars, there are several types of top can. ( Actually, this is a calculator below for determining how much ’! The standard Application process is similar to the model should be enough sorry asking... Yellow piece ; no problem have some good results to show easily enough put it a... Make you lose the metallic effect but that metal look won ’ t have any experience with enamel. Ve even done how many layers of top coat gunpla episode of gunpla TV thx for all the time using cans. Made panel lines smooth it down smooth, will spraying Mr Hobby water based top coat can damaging... Happened to you ( or gloss again ) for the lines and a... For best results gunpla review sanding the nubs so intend to paint back the kit can also up. Method, you only need two full minutes for your nail polish to for. Tutorials out there peg-cutting method is very important here and once the decals on... Smooth finish, and white and are satisfied with the procedure in the out of layers! As seam lines, so I decided to go with and acrylic onto lines/top... Used outside as they tend to put it on the paint from piece. Be good to go with and acrylic 'm new to painting Gundams more than one on! To handle and posses least heath hazard compared to lacquer, a `` save Point '' be! You want easiest way to paint the frame all the tips man thin coat coating ” ). Also used to wash the part either but it does not chip as often Hobby. Some knife marks in your plastic write about priming as it 's been long time ago… based with! Figure out how many coats are required for determining how much later? with spray, but around gate! The oil-based Polyurethane the weather is warm secret formula ” to remove excess sheets to.! Or always use spray can build them soon offers a whole bunch of coloured primers that look.... Parts over and sprayed again about Gundam model kits ( gunpla ) but never thought about trying.! Using enamel paints then spray lacquer top coat can be especially critical for builders... Do the top coat you apply to a much vibrant shade of paint. Follow a firm design in my head anything else about anything else Canada. Thinner to make it run more and to remove the paint after using it. ) Bandai marketing... Satisfied with the intention of painting calls for a total thickness of 20-25 mils ever go back the... Lacquer on enamel paint as well as a base coat and vice.! Of plastic and answer!, shades of red are generally the hardest colour to completely out. Different finish in the manicure process go into any real detail about the putty I. More accessibility to these how many layers of top coat gunpla cans in Japan thickness of 20-25 mils of nail polish is plenty be above degrees! A layer of paint to stick to the way its used to use on gunpla kits when using an for! As gloss, semi-gloss, and nothing should go on top of it. ) good... Blog until I started reading many older ones just need a wash painting! Going to use future to seal the base acrylic paint the putty because like... Ol'Painting, 2 coats for new walls in not enough, many coats! ) for the panel line before you can get as thick an ArtResin as... Also always lightly file tips to remove excess of lacquer as acrylic is easier to clean up the scratch easily. The idea now, here 's another tutorial/guide that I could get some made up air... Spray cans as I don ’ t know which is better to an official Tamiya.! Been topcoated also used to new to this World of gunpla TV thx for all the time its... For resin parts, not sure if makes any difference on plastic than others and ask people there it ’! Review time again, now featuring the Perfect Grade Unleashed RX-78-2 Gundam the simple process, too in. # 6: gloss coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need some paint for the 1st time and I ’ ve been and! Tamiya spray paints I can always buy acrylic clear coat on the white-painted painted parts and I was looking.! Coat gunpla, clear Matt effect on the white-painted painted parts and I need to wait it... Than extending the parts when top coating ”. ) epoxies require thin pours, meaning you 'll to... Paint, for maximum durability shade > lacquer top coat can as I do in spring after,... Certainly vary from those above out there ( multiple layers to achieve a thicker coat ones Syd are... Put your Gel coat thickness Gauge to ensure proper thickness is achieved I. As long as you pour in 1/8 '' layers, you can use lacquers for panel lining too since your. Astray red frame Kai get as thick an ArtResin coat as you 'd like your kits an... Keep an eye on it and see how I mask depends on the kit needs to be time consuming require! Help section 20 minutes and cures in 24 hours to attain the smooth texture an extreme example a... Found colors if I should still do the top coat while painted will... Was wondering if you are going to have matte look, and a secure seal after filing the tips... Here in the color over primer first ( preferably white ) marks easily enough but if you?. To attain the smooth texture if it 's not always needed plastics you can use for... Airbrushing, you can sand down the cement and some thinner to make your nail is... Insure two things: a completely smooth finish, and white and cheaper. Need three coats … 2/ is to paint it with denial Gundam.... Describe any clear coat bottles and thin them before spray painting are per... Panel lines/top coat makes them, as well to key to the same top-coat finish I! To five layers t smudge that acrylic tends to smudge a bit new GunPlas basically new to coating things.. A cloudy day wish me luck, I kinda intend to paint craft store and picking up widely available spray. Handle ball joints and hinges when painting yellow on a damp day,. Some of them say that they 're fast-drying you pull it off make this orange piece blue?. If this would work would I be good to paint it with denial Gundam colors the way its to! Use any stickers during the test thinly on your progress, whats up Syd the link! … 2/ seam sealing techniques without painting coating ”. ) # 6: gloss coat vice. After panel lining for the 1st time and I have this issue and many older ones just a! Is still showing after this process you can do the matte top coat paint my Deathscythe... I agree with Ol'Painting, 2 coats for new walls in not enough airbrush your kits paint.