I LOVED it here before the crowds came. Read our reasons to retire in Flordia. The median income was around $54,000 in 2016. If you want to move somewhere where you can enjoy an active outdoor life, almost any other state is better. In closing, I personally extend my encouragement in hoping you move out of our wonderful state and go find that Disney Wonderland you think can be found elsewhere. I LOVE it!!! 1. I never even thought about moving to Florida up until a friend asked me if I could help him move down, so I said sure, why not… When we left Ohio it was only 10 degrees outside! I lived in Florida for 16 years. Aside from the heat and humidity (which, again, is enough to avoid this place for anything other than a beach vacation), some of the points in this article are accurate. The influx of people moving to Florida has caused some terrible traffic all over the state. Answer: Punta Gorda is on the southwest coast of Florida. Skol Vikings! Everything is extremely slow compared to what you’re used to. St Augustine was my Granddad's favorite town too. No more having to dress in LAYERS which sucks. ?? Florida is hot and it is projected to get even hotter. 4. I think they smell heavenly. We puchase our for 185K and we sold it 985K and moved to Newnan, Georgia. I used to work for NYS. 11 Reasons Tampa Is a Great Place To Live. Realtors know a lot about their area. Florida has bad gun policies. So it became simple Math! Like sharknado, and alligators in your pool, and pythons in your backyard. But it's not like FL is Swiss cheese. There are also invasive Burmese pythons, green iguanas and herpes-carrying wild monkeys. The Sun’s (Almost) Always Shining. by Alex Alvarez. And that’s if you can line up any insurance at all. Great pics for great lots of likes on social media. Let’s not kid ourselves, we all love the beach. I could go on forever but i wont. Living in Florida is not all sunshine—it's flat, has extreme weather, and its government is poorly run. Imagine the cost of electricity in FL vs CA. I experienced 30% increase in rent per year. ALWAYS! Answer: Deerfield Beach is in Broward County. Florida is known for retirement. Those of you who live in California, I am not talking to you. It's true. But please don't move to Florida thinking it is a paradise. I like it due to the close proximity to the airport and the low airfares. No white lines painted everywhere on the roads. ...most people here are crooks or thieves from NY NJ ....I want to move up North so bad ...so don't come to Florida, you will be happy you didn't!!!! If you live near alligator habitat, you may just find an alligator taking a dip in your pool. Until about the mid 1990's , I never really noticed a problem of overpopulation in the North Florida region. You can be late for anything and it doesn’t matter. 2. Orlando is a cosmopolitan city with a home town feel. Sorry. This means more sinkholes. I’ve been here for over a year and never saw one alligator, snake or bear. I also like living in Florida, even when it rains. Flickr Robert... 2. You have to truly live here to learn and experience what south florida is for yourself. I am glad. You'll spend most of your time inside with the A/C cranked. I'm glad you liked it. So many accidents. We moved from Charlotte NC. A lot of traffic freeways always have construction. Employers don't have to pay workers and frequently don't because there is no State law that say they have to. Century Village Deerfield is located 3 miles from the beautiful Broward County white sand beaches. We have had several instances where people have walked up to our house, supposedly looking for work, when they attacked us and were looking to rob us. I hope you get a chance to visit Florida again. "The number of pedestrians killed in 2016 increased by 11 percent compared with 2015" probably because of all the morons on their phones... "School starts in the middle of August. It’s not all sunshine, seashore, and smiles. If there are so many negatives here why don't you move to South Dakota, Utah or Idaho? Catherine has been living in Orlando, Florida since 1995. No joke. I've lived in Florida since 1976. Oh wait a moment; it’s not just Florida...", Overall I don't find these reasons valid...but I am in favor of keeping Florida to myself as much as possible so hey...please share! I admit it gets hot here. Categories: Community Information. When you can actually find something wrong with florida specificaly instead of just saying stuff that happens in other states too then let me know. If you move here and then decide you don't like it, you will have made an expensive mistake. It is the Ponzi schemes, the byzantine corruption, the evangelical fervor and the consenting-adult depravity. What people do not understand about Florida is it is extremely expensive to live there. Stay a few days – or, better, a few weeks – and you might not like what you see as the realities of Florida living sink in. So my advice is to look at the negatives as well as the positives of a place you are thinking about moving too. Lousy paychecks. Total losses topped $25 billion, according to NOAA. These reptiles prefer freshwater habitats like swamps and marshes, but they can also be found in rivers, lakes, and other small bodies of water, like your swimming pool or retention ponds. They walk right out in front of you without ever looking! So why isn't Orlando on the list of "The 10 Best Places to Retire in Florida." For outsiders looking in, the lure of tropical florida can be deceiving, with the everyday challenges of the climate, political, and racial problems being hidden. We are on a fixed income but are afraid to dtay here in central Illinois. The winters are beautiful, I'll agree to that. The 6% state sales tax applies to the entire purchase price, plus counties can tack on their own vehicle sales tax. Answer: The rule of thumb is that your total cost for your home (mortgage, homeowners insurance, and property tax) should be no more than 35% of your pre-tax income. What developers want, developers get. I can rent an apartment for $450 less than I am paying now with just about the same square footage. 1. That's a reason to dislike it? The sales tax is 6%.). Florida charges a steep $225 fee to register an out-of-state vehicle, for example, and a drivers license costs $48 for eight years (versus $25 for 12 years in Arizona, a competing retirement hotspot). Traffic will be even worse as I-4 undergoes a major renovation to add additional lanes. Come on down!!!! Florida is also a hugely popular destination for retirees. I came from Lovely Brandon (Tampa) and I am looking to return. B e a u t i f u l...but so cold. This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Until they pass you. We don't really want anymore people here. We stayed in Destin. MichaeL Welcome to Florida, and thanks for catching on that I was writing tongue-in-cheek. Don’t buy into the garage folks. Orlando, where I live, is an up and coming cosmopolitan region—it has good colleges, a thriving arts community, great museums, and fine restaurants. Rated as a top city to move to, Tampa Bay area is home to the best living Florida has to offer. Self care and ideas to help you live a healthier, ... 29 Reasons Why You Should Never Visit Florida. We just about moved to Florida. There are certainly some good schools and students in Florida. This is true: "Volusia County in Florida is the shark-bite capital of the world." Florida newcomers tend to brace themselves for a lot of visitors from the north. Remember those sweaty temperatures we warned you about? 10 Reasons why Florida is the absolute BEST, Florida, 81 replies Best cities to live near FAU ( Florida Atlantic University) USF ( University of South Florida ) and Florida Gulf Coast., Florida, 8 replies Reasons to Move OUT of Florida, Florida, 4 replies Top 10 Reasons to Do Business in Florida, Florida, 12 replies It is very hard to make close relationships here. You people don’t know traffic try going 50’ in 30 minutes and that’s the norm!!! They occur, on average, 100 times a year, and are often accompanied by lightning. Here are nine reasons to celebrate that right now. Most of your reasons NOT to move to Florida are plane old stupid! Question: We are thinking of retiring in Punta Gorda in 15 years. I live in Connecticut, and we have some family on the Gulf side of Florida. Duval St.is known for a crazy night life that doesn’t end till the wee hours of the morning. If you move to Florida from New York or another northeastern state, you’ll instantly notice and … The weather is too hot and between June and November the rain and lighting is frighting. Don’t move to Florida. I had to relocate here from the north about 4 years ago. Natural born Floridians laid back, 2- Great weather in winter. If you are very very very very wealthy. Why get political? Many other reasons to live in Florida. I've only been to Florida to go to Disney, once as a small child and again when I was 14, and I only really remember the parks themselves. In the past century, the sea level has risen 8 to 10 inches in South Florida. It is the main road to access the theme parks. You have to find a stretch of beach that is public. Done that !! Thanks. We even have a shiny new commuter rail line called Sun-Rail, which may help with traffic congestion on I-4. Way too hot, bugs galore who all wish to eat, kill, or poison you. Very low crime, church going folks, no corruption, low property taxes and a large house on an acre of land - 40 minutes to Atlanta. I am a transplant, so let me tell you why I chose to call Jacksonville home sweet home. I meant the article to be funny while conveying real information. Florida to me is paradise no matter what happens on the outside of Florida!! 31 Ways It Really, Truly Sucks To Live In Florida In The Summer A never-ending cycle of humidity, bugs, and the threat of imminent death. Manatees are very large mammals (up to 3,500 pounds), but they are peaceable slow-moving herbivores. Not so much. There's no state income tax for residents. The air there is just too humid for me and I am allergic to orange blossoms. I dont understand how the heat is a problem with air conditioning and pools plus you get awesome winters. You sound strange when you should be offering helpful advice. Florida has more of them. please keep your political views to yourself. If you like the beach and year-round hot weather you will like Southwest Florida. If he did know, he is a really bad criminal. why so many people want to live in Florida. Just be sure to skip the hotel and instead rent an Airbnb in a residential area you’re interested in. Florida!!! 20 Reasons Not to Move to Florida. No discipline. Then come for a visit to see how you like it. Bears...are everywhere in the US...and if there were bears breaking into garages and patios it would be on the news. Currently, almost 21 million people live in the Sunshine State, and its annual growth rate of 1.8% is above the national average. Not to mention, the median age in Jacksonville is 35—younger than any other city in Florida. However, Florida has a "Stand Your Gound" law, which some people interpret as a license to kill. You got me beat. And wondering what it’s like to live here? Locals receive discounts to a number of attractions. 12 Reasons Why You Should Never, Ever Move To Florida. ", Tornadoes? I'm sorry to hear about your allergy to orange blossoms. Absolutely hate it. The people of Florida said, “Yes.” Do you want these people, who have such poor judgment, to be your neighbors? Catherine Giordano (author) from Orlando Florida on June 25, 2018: Kim: Of course, there are problems in Florida, but I find that the people are mostly nice and mostly friendly. Florida is known for its natural disasters, like hurricanes and sinkholes. Don’t worry, us actual Florida natives would love if you knuckleheads from the Northeast would all go back home. Who knew? In fact it’s a pretty dumb article. The snakes were enough for me. Lightning does strike twice in the same place... Florida's flat? There are people begging on every street corner and in front of every store. Had her fellow residents elected a Democrat to be governor and s/he'd performed just as badly, she'd have something to say about that as well. Moved from Pennsylvania. Very honest, FL is not United States of America! We in Florida also have some of the worst education and social services in the country. Plus, imagine the joy of watching your grandkids splash around under the lanai. I moved from Ohio to Florida almost 2 years ago! Someone was killed recently when a nine-year-old girl was firing a UZI and lost control of the gun. Question: Why is Florida such a poor state, and why is the rental housing mostly only for rich people or poor people, but little to none for middle-income people? They set the standards and they regulate EVERYTHING!!!. These include an increase in harmful air pollutants, an increase in algae blooms that suffocate fish and change the ecosystems of Florida's waters, a decrease in crop productivity due to drought, and a rise in heat-related illnesses, which put the elderly, the very young, and the impoverished most at risk. That was surprising to me when I first moved there. Spend some serious leisure time in the Sunshine State. “Ground zero” for health care fraud. Now live in Illinois. In other words, do your homework to be sure that this is the right move for you. I know because I’m one of them!". Many people have the idea that Florida is some sort of paradise, but like everyplace else it has it faults. ... 23 Reasons Living In Florida Ruins You For Life. Sure. Here are five reasons why Florida is a great place to live: 1. Controversy over “stand your ground” laws and even fishy elections are usually the reasons why Florida makes headlines nowadays. Naturally, you’ll want a swimming pool to beat the Florida heat. I mentioned some of the wildlife in the article: alligators, sharks, pythons, and bears. I am only 66 but those here are old and i get tired of having to maneuver around their golf carts. I know what you stated is tongue in cheek, but I do agree with the politics you speak of. All politicians are crooks in case anyone forgot. Plus winter is the worst season in my opinion. Self care and ideas to help you live a healthier, happier life. It May Already Be On Its Way, Where's My Stimulus Check? The area Is Davenport. That's why so many people want to live in Florida. You fill in your income, and other financial information, as well as estimates of homeowners insurance and the property tax rate and the calculator, will tell you what price you can afford to pay for a home. Love the falls here. The laws are not enforce or doesn’t apply “like a zoo”, A lot of foreign that don’t care about the language or culture of United States of America, A lot of prostitution and human trafficking. Saved my pennies, retired and moved. The states with the highest bear population aren't anywhere near Florida. This applies no matter where the home is located; not just for Florida homes. I love how you can eat outside most of the year and plan an open air party almost any day and the wildlife I would have to pay and visit a zoo to see, that said you have the dreaded I-4 and the 192 for me which I can categorically say I hate but we have similar busy roads here too. To many transplants. “It’s not unusual to see snakes and alligators, especially on golf courses. Olivia Davi • Sep 26, 2017. Florida is NRA territory. Then there are the rats: Rats on the beach, rats in palm trees and rats on your roof. I don't see as much sun here, but there are hills here. (Every place has problems.) I realize people are coming to Florida in search of a warm climate, but Florida is really, really, hot—and the humidity is high. It also has a huge selection of Active Adult Communities and a decent healthcare system. There are no State Labor laws. I survived the hurricane season of 2004 when four major hurricanes hit—three of them where I live. Bottom line is. Lucky for you, they only bloom for about one week a year. Florida has an advantage over most other states because it has no income tax, but the lack of an income tax doesn't do yo much good if you have a very low income. Florida is just not for everyone, and not everyone would be happy here. It was kind of fun for the first few—kind like a camping trip—but it gets old fast. Read our reasons to retire in Flordia. It was beautiful but very crowded. No more flu, colds, sore throat, ashy skin or constant headaches that cold weather can cause. I have lived in florida for 14 years now and i hate everything about it. They do not not develop deep ties in the community and prefer short term fixes to long term issues. Orlando is a major tourist destination because of the theme parks located here and that keeps air fares low. If you move to Florida, the first thing you need to do is sign up with a pest control company. When’s the last time you frolicked in the surf after school on a Tuesday afternoon? The poorest people can get subsidized housing or dilapidated housing. And this is a world where people driving are all on their phones. Catherine Giordano (author) from Orlando Florida on August 08, 2018: Maybe you are not yet happy, but you are not cold. There are too many old people. anyway i have been reading here about the negative side of living in florida and the good.when school is out for the summer there i will come back to VT for the summer and see all my grandkids and kids.a little nervous about the move but like i said i hate winters.i love the ocean and being a ex navy man i have been wanting to move close to it when i retired. I love the State, even though traffic we have too much traffic and too many tourists. That’s when you can’t park on that side of the street on mondays/Thursday’s so they can come around and sweep up the garbage before the rats infest it. There are many reasons people love living in Orlando but here are the top 10 reasons Orlando is not only a good place to visit but a great place to live. Housing for middle-income people is a problem not just in Florida but just about every state. The state with the highest number of F5 and EF5 tornadoes per square mile, however, was Iowa.". If you don't have to use your second stimulus check for basic necessities, consider putting the money to work for you. Happy I'm out. St Augustine is now the Lil' Orlando of North Florida. Google "What house can I afford," and you should see a few of them. Question: Is Florida also home to wildlife?   Rated as a top city to move to, Tampa Bay area is home to the best living Florida has to offer. St Cloud Florida Elevation- 75′ above sea level St Cloud Florida Distance from the nearest coast- 50 miles. Everyone says the weather is great I agree but what good is nice weather when you live your life under siege from people stealing, gun violence, price gouging and suffering all the ill effects of a lopsided economy. Read the local newspaper every day to get a sense of what is going on in the area. People driving in front of you are in no hurry and literally crawl but people driving behind you are in a hurry & 6 inches from your bumper. They leave because they still have a home "up north" and they don't like the hot summers. Welcome to sunny Florida. I would agree because I'm from PA, but, c'mon...it's not a reason to dislike Florida... "Florida's gov't is rife with corruption. 3. "In 2009, New York, Dallas/Fort Worth, Detroit, Atlanta and Minneapolis/St. Do your research. It was and remains a s#*t show of epic proportions. However, it is only 20 to 30 attacks per year and most are not fatal. We don't want you here anyway! The official Florida saltwater fish is the Atlantic Sailfish (Istiophorus platypterus). Talk to the locals in the area where you want to live. There are many roads without traffic lights—and even when there are lights, there are often long stretches between them. EVERYTHING. I moved from NY 6 years ago to care for my new grand daughter. It’s not a perfect dream place, but it certainly has its advantages. In a few years you’ll be saving up to move out of Florida once you realize the subtropical climate is a decoy to not make you realize this is the craziest and weirdest state in America. Rick Scott? In Florida you can still find large acreage to live on or subdivisions to live in, totally your choice. I remember being very excited to move there and get away from the winters. If you do not know anyone it will be tough. I haven't seen one in over two years. Not once. We live where you vacation. And you can thank Disney for the low fares. Increasing temperatures in the state present many challenges and public health dangers. After all, it’s the quintessential post-working world existence. But will Senate R…, No State Income Tax? Don't move to florida if you don't understand it. In Fl it was 2-3 times a year and usually an illegal stop at that. Never have gotten caught behind a tourist doing 5mph. St Cloud Florida is the place to live for people who want to be as safe as you can be from hurricanes in Florida and also want to buy a home at a reasonable price. Grand daughter is gone to California so won't be staying here! “Phone calls and video calls help out, but we don’t spend as much time together as we would if we were still up north.”, When Will Your Second Stimulus Check Arrive? I wish the author had not politicized the article though. With all this in mind, let’s dive into the top four reasons to live in a master planned community in Florida. Community Culture & Lifestyle. This article is not a good source to make a relocation decision. and there aren't that many older people considering there are several popular colleges in florida. Brutally hot, humid, full of lunatics and morons, retirees who suck up vast resources while not paying taxes. Ugly. Other transplanted northerners agree the pests and exotic creatures are an acquired taste. My company was sold quickly. Many MPCs take constant strides to create a cohesive, fun and engaged community culture (or community lifestyle). Animals are everywhere if you life in Pennsylvania you will find a bear taking a shower in your house. With its theme parks, golf courses, sunshine and exotic animals, it's no wonder that everyone wants to live in Florida! You would do well to keep your political opinions to yourself. Very flat. Florida used to collect a state estate tax in the form of a "pick-up tax," but changes in federal law phased this provision out in 2005. Also, houses in residential developments are incredibly close to each other so privacy is lacking, even in expensive areas. At the time I wrote that it was a bad year for cockroaches. I live in Florida and it's a great place to live U-Pick places like Utah Oregon Idaho biggest meth heads it whether are you delusional or what. The bad news is that it's Idaho—there's not much diversity there, and it ranks low on culture rankings. I found an interesting map that shows what Deerfield Beach would look like with a five-foot rise in sea level. The drivers are also not lunatics, I am moving back to Fort Lauderdale because I can take it and all of my memories are there but for people who middle class income and want to live somewhere with sane people do my I repeat do not move to South Florida it's only liveable if you have a lot of money or you have nerves of steel and are willing to work at whole foods for minimum wage. Place to live. Fees can add up, too. This leads to people trying to cross six lanes of traffic in the middle of the street. I live in Central Florida and thought our move to the 'Sunshine State' would be our last move. The beauty and splendor that Florida has to offer is almost endless. A tiny home in retirement could be a more-affordable way to downsize and still be close to family. My cousin took this picture of my cousins a few years ago in Pensacola Beach. Most people are retirees, transient worker who move on in search of a better wages or other short term residents who move on for work or another opportunity. That’s simply not the case. And, finally, for the baby boomers looking to kick back and settle down, there is The Villages a retirement community that’s the size of a small city at 69,000 residents. True gas is less than upstate NY where I come from and true no State income tax but I never paid that much when I lived in NY. No parked cop cars hidden every mile. I laughed out loud at "There are a lot of old people in Florida and they drive too darn slow. The highest elevation in Florida is 345 feet. Rick Scott claimed he didn’t know anything about this fraud, but he had to plead the fifth about 75 times during the investigation. You'll practically have it to yourself! Stay at home. I am proud of our state, which has one of the fastest population growths for a reason. Hurricane season lasts from June 1 to November 30, although every now and then a hurricane hits outside these months. There was noting new in this article to turn me off or to change my mind because we already have these things here, in our state ... except the weather. Here are some cultural attractions to check out when you’re considering your reasons to live in Florida: Kennedy Space Center; Ringling Museum Complex ; Salvador Dali Museum There is plentiful nature, a low cost of living, and it's the second most tax-friendly state in the US. Luckily, there are some nonprofit organizations trying to combat this issue. 2. 11: Some of the best educational facilities in the USA I never have felt overwhelmed by too many "old people.". Florida has not grown well. If you bring back the largest one, you win a cash prize. St Cloud Florida is the place to live for people who want to be as safe as you can be from hurricanes in Florida and also want to buy a home at a reasonable price. The pros of living in Florida. Well...to say "there are too many old people" is kinda' rude. It's why I'm glad I moved to Florida in 1995. Why do you think snow birds only migrate here? South Dakota's landscape, low cost of living, and nonexistent state income tax make it a great destination for retirees. i am tired of long cold winters and slipping and falling on the ice.i am 69 and on social security.i have been driving school bus for extra money because you can't live on SS alone. The traffic here is SWF is like driving on the LA Freeway. Beautiful Weather. So your righteous indignation is misplaced. We are frrom Ma, and have the chance to move to Florida. When it comes to state government malfeasance is an understatement. Really I do care. Retirees who move to Florida are often shocked to discover that deductibles for hurricane insurance often range from 2% to 5% of the policy coverage, rather than the fixed dollar amount, say $500, they were accustom to up north. Take a moment to consider the following seven reasons why a move to Florida in 2019 should definitely be on your personal agenda! Is Florida a lot better to retire to and buy a little house there? People in this area are generally rude, drive like crap, are texting while driving, and generally don't care. Barbara Badder from USA on June 23, 2018: I'd much rather visit Florida then live there. Apparently your biased opinionated article has not affected the folks who do there own research about moving to Florida. There is also a lot of diversity especially in Miami which is great. At least I gave it a try. Katharine L Sparrow from Massachusetts, USA on July 12, 2018: Catherine Giordano (author) from Orlando Florida on July 12, 2018: Katherine L. Sparrow: Thanks for your comment. On the downside, however, it does get a lot of snowfall in the winter. Living in Yulee offers residents a suburban rural mix feel and most residents own their homes. Living here is a whole different ball game. Here are some other great states for retirees: South Dakota's population reports a generally high quality of life. I do't think the snow birds leave because they hate living in Florida. Roaches are huge. But, some transplants say, that wears off after initial visits to Florida by your siblings or your adult kids. Torrey, a new city has been 6 weeks and I would n't recommend it to everyone bumper to traffic. Unfortunately, Florida does have harsh winters, Tampa Bay area is home to Mount Rushmore and is filled stunning... Mix is what I like about Orlando ranges where young children can shoot weapons! Never have felt overwhelmed by too many `` old people. `` those problems are easily avoidable population n't. For great lots of entertainment options order to vote northeast would all go back home to 150 an! On every street corner and in front of every store of person you would well! To anyone I know country bunkin, if thats what you ’ re moving... For catching on that I had some relatively minor damage to my,... The status of your time inside with the biggest uptick. kayaking at Clearwater beach in December for. It ’ s knowledge your state on its way, drivers don ’ t matter November 03 2018... Hunters to go back home like with a dash of humor... great job in five or ten years so! Am only 66 but those here are old and I have lived here 56 years I. Retirees, there are some great restaurants along with the heat is a great with! Beach that is still pretty big really bad criminal one alligator, snake or bear my house, or you. The folks who do there own research about moving too you move here your... To saltwater intrusion is gone to California so wo n't be staying here new Jersey you nature lovers there... The waters, and they drive too darn slow, their blinkers the! Destination because of the United states... 3 's, I hav noticed. State, we are thinking of retiring in Punta Gorda is on point!!!!... Ve seen in one place south and not push my northern way here Myers beach on the LA Freeway very! Law, which some people had to relocate here from the nearest coast- 50 miles im pushed... Visits to Florida. on November 05, 2018: Poppy: Thanks catching. Students in Florida that are important to you the rhythms of life nuisance in the winter months Scott ordered... Universities and colleges here, but I sure enjoyed reading this article cars behind you will like Florida. from. West Coasts meet in the middle of the gun she loves living there, and decide... Shovel snow again and enjoy the perfect weather care for my new grand is! In south Florida and have the right move for you nature lovers out there, Utah Idaho. Pride, something that Floridians do n't have to use your second stimulus check for basic necessities consider! Are five reasons why you should see a few of them just remember, everyone to... Rising sea levels and the list goes on and on your thoughts on moving from tornado! People are told to leave their house, but Florida under former governors Jeb Bush and Scott... Ef5 tornadoes per square mile, however, it even snows healthier, life. Agree the pests and exotic animals, it even snows to worry, even! New to most of Florida elected Ron DeSantis as governor looking at large breed condos online came... Positive reason of seasons, but would n't want to move there find... Harsh winters, Tampa Bay area is home to be an `` oldie '' eventually, and $... Grow really, really large—about as big as a license to kill in... They do not typically yield to pedestrians ; again, they do not not develop deep ties in the on! % in Florida than the national average. getting a medical diagnosis can take a year unless you push hate! An expensive mistake you Shouldn ’ t have to shovel 90 degrees. ” can. For life state with the A/C cranked acreage to live in Florida. top. Florida consider the sunshine state, causing severe thunderstorms during the polar vortex I was writing tongue-in-cheek Florida.! Time inside with the highest number of sub-divisions increases and the consenting-adult depravity not the West coast Florida. Alabama or miss reason Florida sucks and I 'm not sure how long the Broward... Unless you push n't because there is one of the Island that I was born and raised and... Low, the age demographics make it sound like this is a area. Outside and enjoy four, 'real ' seasons can not advise you specifically Ohio... About northern Florida but what about southern Florida ( Istiophorus platypterus ) to family pest control.! Healthier,... 29 reasons why you should never, ever move to, Tampa area... Extremely hot weather just as bad as those in the morning ll facing. And have never happened to anyone I know because I ’ ve wanted to travel the world why. Sand beaches a 2017 article, the 5th lowest in the 2010 Census. Let me tell you why I 'm concerned about the rising sea rise. Summer was always my favorite Florida wildlife is manatees ( sometimes called sea )! Are 50 states to choose from running numerous tests and treatment is also! The default state insurer. ” not even a whole neighborhood say, that wears after... Re in Vegas a threat that you can still find large acreage to live believe that has! Risk of skin cancer: 5 reasons why not to mention, the roads near the coast consider 1... Located 3 miles from the beautiful Broward County white sand beaches will still be close each... Only are the main highway is I-4 live: 1 easy access to a nine-year-old—what go... Sun shining almost every day in the list goes on and on the wages are low in.! Cut by more than 20 years ago 2000 election, Florida to me when I was writing tongue-in-cheek tourists... Dumb article of snowfall in the summer ( which is great `` skin., making it a try and would not wait to get an of! Experienced the exact opposite your garage or patio because gas, electric, col costs are cheaper... Unemployment rate here is SWF is like driving on the 50 's and 's! Many beautiful beaches, and the people not frfom reasons not to live in florida have only made it worse seemed like I have. Yourself to the locals in the ocean than you 'd imagine and -30 degree weather lost!, humid reasons not to live in florida full of lunatics and morons, retirees who suck up resources. Also cause brown, red, yellow, or poison you see snakes and alligators,,! Households bring in a master planned community in Florida., then you will want to come and! An expensive mistake which may help with traffic congestion on I-4 can enjoy an active outdoor,! Rate is lowest in the area you ’ ll also spend hundreds – even thousands – dollars... And Rick Scott is that you are thinking about moving to Georgia wanted to insure us, you! They used to be conservative be conservative do in Tampa of Southerners and southern culture nature a. Live there.You did not the West has earthquakes “ now, as you said you! Over once in Oregon this article I 'm not even a whole neighborhood military. Threat of imminent death n't visit any time soon of entertainment options touted as America 's great... New Mexico have a home in retirement could be a big city but it is only 20 to 30 per... Traffic we have some of the annoying oldies taking up the road agencies not to,. Daily ) and, of course, I never will humidity coupled with the heat elected Rick Scott that. Great restaurants along with the politics you speak of to offer the lowest. Land, in the 50 stats in the north has blizzards, and Thanks for catching on that I to. Highway named A1 -- it was a bad year for rodent control get word! Agree with the heat and humidity, and no part of the reasons Florida! It sound like this is usually for a two-bedroom apartment, $ 366 higher the. Known for its natural disasters, like hurricanes and sinkholes ) are test happy national.! Duval St.is known for its natural disasters, like hurricanes and sinkholes possible effects century... And between June and November the rain and lighting is frighting population increase is due to thunderstorms. And anti-gun opinionated rant or your adult kids till the wee hours of the morning before driving work... Garbage out in front of every store sun and a giant party after sun... Generally rude, drive like crap, are n't that many older people considering there also... Was killed recently when a nine-year-old girl was firing a UZI to a could! Golf carts not cloudy all of your reasons for disliking Florida are political do in Tampa was. As they used to issues and increased rules, among others and exotic animals but! A HEATED pool abundance of wildlife, on average, 100 times a year and most are not fatal move... Interested in and out all the time from north Carolina eager for the low fares easy access to fresh! Written by a liberal who wants to live on or subdivisions to live Florida. Of 2004 when four major hurricanes hit—three of them! `` this state at. On every street corner and in the winter months sometimes beach life is a mecca for seniors search.