Welcome to the Collaborative Centre for Cardiometabolic Health in Psychosis (ccCHiP) website. This site is designed for mental health clinicians, and those responsible for the care of people with persistent psychotic disorders. Its aim is to provide information on how to deliver cardiometabolic and lifestyle services to improve the global health outcomes for those with SMI, assuming that such services will need to be developed and run ‘on the whiff of an oily rag’

ccCHiP is a cooperative venture predominently funded by SLHD, supported by Sydney University and Concord Hospital. The centre was established by Professor Tim Lambert, Dr Jeff Snars, and Associate Professor Roger Chen in 2009. Our clinic – an integrated service for screening, detection, management, and follow up of metabolic disorders among patients with severe mental illness – provides a model for a replicable, scalable clinical service. Our clinics aim to improve the physical health of people with mental illness. Metabolic disorders are the fastest growing chronic health issue in the world, and they disproportionately affect people living with a serious mental illness.